Tulum, Mexico

Tue, May 1, 2018

Tulum, Mexico

Every winter Nate and I try to take a long weekend trip somewhere warm to get away from the cold. This year we picked Tulum, Mexico! It’s less than a 3 hour flight from New York, and it seemed like everyone and their mother has been going, so we figured we would check it out! I also wanted to see Tulum before it got TOO touristy, since it’s famous for it’s uncommercialized feel, aka hipster-ville. We were there 4 nights and 4 full days but easily could have stayed a week! There were so many more places I wanted to eat and explore, I wish we had more time!

In case you don’t already know, Tulum is a little beach town about 2 hours south of Cancun. It’s always been known for it’s Mayan Ruins…and now it’s popular for a two mile beach front stretch of eco friendly boutique hotels and restaurants that you would expect to find in Williamsburg, rather than Mexico. That being said, it’s basically a millennial’s dream. It’s filled with vegan friendly tacos, farm to bar cocktails, organic gluten free everything…and all to eat on your personal hammock or chair swing. I didn’t even mind that I was a stereotype, because every other person there was too, and it was so fun! It’s also really refreshing to have a nice beach vacation that isn’t at a resort, and to stay in a city that is safe and has a lot to do and explore outside of your hotel!

Here are the things we did, tacos we ate, drinks we sipped, and places I recommend to stay.

Activities In & Around Tulum

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Eats Downtown…

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