Sydney, Australia

Fri, Aug 25, 2017

Sydney, Australia

In March, Nate and I took a trip to Australia to visit my sister Jillian and brother-in-law Andrew, plus some of our New York friends moved back to Sydney last year as well! Suddenly, Sydney has given me a lot of good reasons to visit the beautiful island every year ; )

Jillian and Andrew moved to Sydney last year, and we wanted to visit them as soon as we had the chance! Winter sounded like the best time since the seasons are opposite and it would be summer in Aus. I have been to Sydney once before, with Jill and Andrew actually, to visit Andrew’s family that lives there. But Nate has never been and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to go together. Our close friends Lauren and Andrew also live in the city now and we ended up doing a weekend trip with them and flew up to Byron Bay, which I’ll do a separate post about soon!

My favorite things about Sydney are the beaches and the cafes. They are some of the best in the world, truly. The beaches and coastline are stunning and worth the long trek to Australia alone! And if you know good coffee, you know that Australia roasts and brews some of the most incredible beans, and every cafe is a perfect cup of jo. My sister and I also share a love of cute places and healthy food too, so she took me to some of the most instagrammable spots you can imagine (see all the amazing cafes below). I’ll go ahead and list our favorite places we ate and things to do! I take no credit in the stellar findings of this trip though, our hosts deserve all the praise for takings us to the the best finds!

To Consume

To Do