Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Tue, Apr 12, 2016

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Welp, Nate and I survived our first winter together in New York. Everyone in the city is telling us we didn’t get a “real” winter because…well, we didn’t really. It was never that cold and it only snowed a handful of times. But coming from California, it was still an adjustment! We still deserve a medal, ALRIGHT!? (We actually preemptively planned this trip forever ago because I was so afraid Nate would hate the winter and in turn hate New York and in turn hate everything…turns out he doesn’t! My husband still likes everything).

So, we can all agree half the fun of a trip is the anticipation and planning of it, right? In college, my best friend and I would plan our annual summer break trip to LA during the winter time. We would talk, dream, and google about it for months leading up to the trip, fantasizing about life in sundresses once again. This Mexico trip brought me back to that same place of pure excitement, and suddenly I remembered what it’s like to live in the land of seasons again. There’s nothing like the prospect of warmth when you are bundled up inside all winter. So, I kept telling myself not to romanticize the trip because I didn’t know if it could ever meet my expectations. SPOILER: it did.

The end of February finally came, and our good friends Kayleigh and Josh came in from San Fransisco to meet us in Mexico for a long weekend together. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt, in the wonderful land of Playa Del Carmen. The water was turquoise and warm, the sun was constant, pool-refreshing, champagne…frequent, and sunburns-extensive. We jet skiied, frolicked, and most importantly, we played on the inflatable donut floaties we had lugged there from the states. What would any of us really do without Amazon? Amiright? We wouldn’t be playing on inflatable food, that’s for sure!

Check out our photos from the trip below, and thank you to our husbands Nate and Josh for taking…well, every photo that Kayleigh and I are in.

Mexico-67 Mexico-2

Mexico-4 Mexico-85 Mexico-9
Mexico-13 Mexico-14
Mexico-25 Mexico-27
Mexico-29 Mexico-68
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