Catalina Island

Sat, Oct 24, 2015

Catalina Island

2 months ago, Nate and I went on a short vacation to Catalina Island for his 26th birthday. We had the getaway planned for a while, not knowing at the time that we would be moving to New York City just a day after getting back from the trip (whaaaaat!?) Our time there ended up being a great last “hoorah” in southern California. It was so bitter sweet getting to spend one of our last days there. The island seemed like a little oasis, a little pocket of all the things we loved so dearly about California. The beach, the never ending sunshine, and the all together laid back “brah” attitude that everyone has and uses as an excuse to use dry shampoo day after day after day (this is not ok).

We took the boat out to the island the morning of Nate’s birthday and left early the next day. In our short 24 hours there we decided to reserve lounge chairs at the Descanso Beach Club, catch a movie at the amazing Avalon Theater, and parasail. I had never been parasailing before, and frankly underestimated how high 800ft was. Just so you know, it’s really really really really REALLY high.

All in all, I have to say the highlight of the trip was the 3.5 hour nap that I took on the lounge chairs at the club. Don’t get me wrong, everything else was really fun…but that was honestly one of the best naps of my life. I had just spent the last 7 days prior to this trip packing our entire lives into boxes. Nate couldn’t take off work, and I’m too much of a perfectionist to let anyone help me, so I just spent day after day…hour after hour…packing…alone. So alone. I would close my eyes at night and see visions of bubble wrap. I smelled duct tape 247. It was altogether a horrible experience and I would never recommend moving to anyone (unless you’re really rich and can pay someone to do the whole boxes thing). So once we sat down at the beach club, I ordered a pina colada(s) as if it was my own damn birthday and fell into the most glorious slumber. Looking back…it’s kinda sad I just slept there like an inebriated toddler the entire afternoon. What did Nate even do while I slept? Will I ever even know? I hope he had fun.

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