Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Wed, Sep 6, 2017

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

The last few days of our time in Australia, we spent in Byron Bay with Lauren and Andrew! Byron Bay is the cutest little hippie town, just an hour flight north of Sydney. It sits on the eastern shore, and is actually the most easterly part of the entire country (fun fact). Lauren grew up near Byron and her and Andrew got married there a few years ago. So we were honored that they wanted to show us around a place so dear to them! Also, another fun fact is that Iggy Azalea also grew up in this area sooooo that’s pretty cool too.

I’m glad we got to see another part of Aus (my last trip to Australia, we took a weekend trip to Melbourne), because the country is so big and I want to take in as much of it as I can! We had a great time in Byron, being lazy on the beach all day, eating dozens of acai bowls and homemade kombucha (hippie towns were made for me), and even spotting some wild wallaby! It’s definitely worth taking a short flight up there if you’re ever in Sydney to get a taste of something other than city life in Australia. And thanks to the Campbells for showing us all these rad places in Byron! Xo