Austin, Texas

Fri, Jul 10, 2015

Austin, Texas

TEXAS! This was both Nate and I’s first time visiting the lone star state. We’ve heard (like every other 20 something year old) Austin was a cool city to explore so we planned a trip there with our good friends, Nikki and David! : )

We heard from a lot of locals that Austin is very different from other parts of Texas, so I can’t say that we had the “full” Texas experience. BUT we did spend 5 days wandering around this granola city and fancied it so very much. It was way greener than I anticipated, with rivers flowing all throughout the city. I also didn’t expect there to be so many outdoor activities! We ended up doing a little hiking and kayaking on lady bird lake. But I have to say, one of our very favorite things we did while there was see multiple movies (it rained A LOT) at Paramount Theatre. It’s a century old and in amazing condition, and the best part…they show old films on the weekend. We saw two black and white films (Manhattan and Chinatown) in the most beautiful setting, please please please grace yourself with this awesome experience if you visit Austin.

Aaaaand finally…one of the best parts of any trip is the food. SO. MUCH. YUM. Here’s the breakdown.


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