apartment number three.

Thu, Aug 20, 2015

apartment number three.

Two years ago, Nate and I moved into our first apartment together. It’s a small flat in the Orange Circle sitting just above an ice cream shop. It was a miracle we got it, considering we weren’t even on the wait list for the building. We actually signed the lease on our flat before we even SAW it. I realize now how ballsy that was, and I would never do it again. BUT HEY! Thankfully it worked out and we got this cute little apartment we love so much.

It’s not perfect. It’s small, it has a weird lay out, our bathroom is from like 1940, and there’s something about a century old building that never feels completely clean. But that’s the charm of it all, right? We had to figure out how to make our living space work without feeling cramped, we doubled almost all furniture as storage space because of our lack of closets, and we did our best with what we had. But…the natural light inside is unbeatable, there are skylights in almost every room, crystal doorknobs throughout, 15 ft ceilings, white molding and light floors. This place was a gem and we were so thankful to live in it for the first couple years of marriage.

A week from today we move to New York City. This week has been filled with piling everything you’ll see in these photos into box after box. The memories that come with these precious things have made my heart heavy as we wrap them up to send them off to the next coast. I thanked Jesus every morning for this place that has served as light and beauty as I worked from home during the day, and brought friends to in the evenings. This space will always stay dear to my heart. And I hope the next people that live here cherish it in the same way.

Shout outs to my talented artist friends who adorned our apartment.

Also, I feel like I should mention that we have a house roaming trained bunny named Scout. He’s really cute and if you’ve never heard of a litter trained domesticated bunny, google it, they are awesome.


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